How the Urban Brisbane project can be a blueprint for a more sustainable city

Brisbane’s urban plan is a blueprint that can be used to guide cities around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the issue of urban blight, according to a study by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and The Urban Foundation.

Key points:The Urban Brisket, a planned urban farm, will create a greener, healthier and more sustainable environment in BrisbaneThe study found the Briskets green roof, which was designed by architect and designer David Bowerman, will help the city reduce greenhouse gases by up to 25 per cent and reduce the amount of time it takes to drive a car by up a fifth.

It will also reduce air pollution and the use of fuel by up 40 per cent.

Brisbane’s urban planning department is set to hold a public consultation on the design of the Urban Brier, the project which is being developed by the City of Brisbane and TheUrban Foundation.

Urban Brier is a $20 million green roof that will be built on a former shopping mall in Brisbane’s inner-west.

The roof will be connected to a green belt and an urban farm with a number of green features to encourage the creation of an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and sustainable business.

In a paper entitled ‘A Blueprint for a Sustainable Brisbane’, the AIA and Urban Foundation found the project would be beneficial to the city, particularly if it were designed to be sustainable and to reduce the use and use of energy in Brisbane.

The Urban Briers green roof will have four tiers that will help reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce time it took to drive and the amount and the frequency of journeys.

The green roof would also reduce the number of vehicles in the city and would reduce the need to drive for work and to park cars in the car park.

Barely a year into his reign as mayor, Mr Rudd has overseen the slow-but-steady rise of an increasing number of major projects, including the expansion of the CBD’s CBDs residential developments, the opening of the $10 billion Redfern Park precinct, and the creation and opening of more than 500 apartments.

The city is set for more projects in the future, including more than 600 new homes for the homeless and the construction of two new hospitals.

“Brismania’s cities need to be more sustainable, and this new green roof is a great example of what that looks like,” said Mr Rudd.

The AIA said the green roof was the most significant aspect of the project, as it would bring about a dramatic reduction in emissions and help to reduce congestion.

“The Urban Buckets design and design concept demonstrates the potential for a greer, healthier, more sustainable and more inclusive city,” said AIA Brisbane president Richard Evans.

“It will be the catalyst for more sustainable planning, the creation, opening and use by local authorities of the new Greenbelt, and its impact on the environment.”

Mr Evans said the project was a great start for Brisbane and it was a reminder of the city’s need for sustainability and urban renewal.

“If we are going to be able to get out of this urban wasteland that we’re in now, then we’re going to have to do a lot of work to do it,” he said.

“There are so many other things we can be doing to make Brisbane a better place to live, work and play.”


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