What’s the best thing about urban coyotes? – Urban Connector Project

A project to make the city’s highways more walkable and greener by adding green infrastructure is gaining momentum as the country struggles with climate change.

According to the Associated Press, the project has received funding from the National Park Service, the California State Parks, the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Science Foundation.

According the AP, the park system and the city hope to begin construction in 2019, with the full-scale installation in 2020.

According its website, the $3 billion project will add green space and pathways to roads that are currently too narrow and narrow to safely accommodate large vehicles.

It will include more than 500 miles of new streets and pedestrian paths, as well as several other projects to improve traffic flow, the AP reported.

The project, dubbed the “greenway” by the Associated Journal, will also include a pedestrian bridge and a “crosswalk” that connects several neighborhoods.

“The project is about the idea that this is a network of roads that go all the way around, not just one,” said Kevin Kelly, director of the Urban Connectors at the California Department of Transportation.

“There’s a lot of traffic on the roads, so there’s a need to keep it that way.

And there’s also a need for people to be able to walk on the streets.”

The project was developed in partnership with a private group, which will receive up to $3 million for design, engineering and construction.

The AP noted that the project is also being supported by the City of Los Angeles, which is seeking to create an urban greenway in partnership, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Associated Press said the city will pay $500,000 per year for the project, which was created in partnership between the City and the City Council of Los Angles.

The city is also partnering with other agencies and institutions, including the Los Angeles County Department of Recreation and Parks and the L.A. City College District.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Los Angeles has spent $2.6 billion to install greenways since the late 1960s.

Los Angeles has installed more than 1,600 greenways, according to the AP.

“These are not just projects that are going to be built on the top of the city, they’re going to create more space and opportunities for people,” said L.I.A.’s citywide manager, Tom Ritchie, to the Los Anglers Daily.

The City Council is expected to approve the project in December.

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