How the construction of the second skyscraper in London has gone wrong

By Mark Blyth London is in a precarious economic position.

A big chunk of the capital’s £5bn ($6.5bn) capital investment in the past three years has been used on new, expensive housing and retail projects.

But the capital also needs to be able to absorb a huge influx of people, as its population continues to rise.

That means, among other things, building an extra tower to accommodate people in London’s inner city, and an extension of the Metropolitan Line.

In the meantime, the city has been trying to find ways to accommodate the large numbers of people who have arrived from the south of England.

The new skyscraper, a £2bn (about $2.3bn) project in the middle of London, is part of the city’s strategy to attract more people to the city.

Built in 2011, the structure is an extension to the former King’s Cross station that is the centrepiece of the London Transport Museum and other attractions.

It also is a key component of the Mayor’s ambitious plans to bring London’s population from its current 8.5 million to 10 million by 2035.

But some critics are concerned about the impact of the project.

They worry that it will reduce the city centre’s skyline, particularly if people use the building as a tourist destination, which would be a major blow to the cultural heritage in the area.

The London Evening Standard recently ran an article questioning whether the project would harm London’s skyline.

In it, it was argued that the skyscraper would make the city more expensive for tourists and therefore could not be a good investment.

Some critics, however, say that building a tower in London will actually bring in more money to the region, as the construction will allow for more businesses to expand. “

The fact that we’re doing it in a very large and expensive part of London is not a good sign.”

Some critics, however, say that building a tower in London will actually bring in more money to the region, as the construction will allow for more businesses to expand.

That is a view supported by London’s Transport Museum, which said it welcomed the project, saying: “This is the kind of project that will give people a reason to visit the capital, and will bring in extra money and jobs for the region.”

The project has also sparked controversy.

On Tuesday, the local authority, which is the planning authority, gave the go-ahead for the project to go ahead.

The project will include a public art installation, the tallest tower in Europe.

But critics say that the tower will be a distraction from the city and will detract from its cultural heritage.

A number of London’s residents have said they will not use the tower as a destination.

Many Londoners have also expressed their discontent with the project because of concerns about the way the building is being constructed.

In a letter to the local authorities, the London Evening Sun’s Paul Roddy said the tower was an “unnecessary distraction”.

He said: In the light of the increasing numbers of new people entering the city every day, and of the need for new accommodation, and for the increased congestion on the city, I think the tower is an unnecessary distraction from those important matters of public transport, housing, public space and the environment.

A recent survey showed that most Londoners thought the tower would be more attractive than the new Olympic Stadium.

But in the letter, Roddy added that the project was “a waste of money”.

The letter said: The new tower will also add to the already overcrowded and congested area.

It will make London’s public transport system more congested, with the added burden of additional parking.

This will further increase the congestion in the city as it is already more than double that of the Olympics stadium.

The mayor of London has called the project a “terrible decision” that will “definitely affect the skyline” and has asked the planning authorities to review the project and make a decision on whether to proceed with it.

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