How to manage the impact of urban renewal on Melbourne’s inner city, by the Urban Renewal Melbourne Project

In this article, the author examines the impact on Melbourne of the Urban Resilience Project (URP) in Melbourne’s CBD.

This urban revitalisation project will transform a derelict CBD, where many of the city’s most vulnerable residents live, into a vibrant urban core with a mix of residential, retail and commercial developments.

The Urban Resiliency Project is a $1.3 billion program that will regenerate and modernise areas of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The project will build 1,400 new houses, improve existing buildings, rehabilitate damaged areas, create more affordable housing and create community spaces for young people.

Urban Resillience is a collaborative project between the City of Melbourne, the Victorian Government, the State Government and private partners.

The City of Victoria has funded about $1 million of the project.

The other $1 billion will come from private funds, including $2 million from the City’s Regional Housing Strategy Fund.

The Urban Resility Project (URA) is one of two projects under the Urban Redevelopment and Urban Transformation (URTR) strategy.

The URR is a five-year strategy for revitalising the inner-city.

The strategy focuses on providing more housing, supporting communities and improving the quality of life for residents of inner-suburban Melbourne.

The urban revitalization of inner Melbourne has been a key component of the City and State’s overall strategy to improve inner-urban quality of living.

The objective of URR has been to provide homes to all those who are in need in inner- and outer-city Melbourne and to increase housing supply and affordability in these communities.

Urban Resiliance will transform the inner city in Melbourne, by providing more homes and more affordable places for residents.

The program will be a significant step in providing more opportunities for families and communities to live in close proximity to each other, providing them with the opportunity to improve their quality of lives and to connect with their neighbours.

The URR’s strategy aims to: Improve the health of people and the environment in inner Melbourne and beyond by increasing housing supply in outer areas; •Increase the quality and resilience of inner cities and other communities; •Improve the quality, resilience and wellbeing of Melbourneers by providing housing and opportunities to improve the quality or quality of their lives; •Enhance economic opportunity and social inclusion in inner cities by increasing access to employment, education, training, health care and recreational opportunities; •Provide opportunities for businesses and other businesses to thrive in inner urban areas by providing employment, opportunities and social opportunities; and •Encourage people to live and work in a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Under URR, the City will fund 1,300 new residential homes, up to 3,000 new retail and up to 600,000 more commercial spaces, to support more than 4,200 families.

This will help provide safe, clean and healthy living spaces to residents.

In total, the URR will build a total of 1,900 new homes, including 1,200 affordable units, for inner-town residents.

In total, URR funds will increase the supply of residential housing in inner Victoria by 1,100 new homes.

URB is also funded by a new, state-owned scheme known as Urban Resiltment Assistance.

Urban resiltment assistance is a program that helps provide low-income residents with their first home.

The scheme provides up to $10,000 for each unit of residential land, up from $1,000 under the current Urban Residue Assistance program.

Residents of inner Victoria are able to access Urban Resilts on a range of issues, including: • Housing and rent subsidies for people who need to move out of their existing homes; • Housing assistance for people moving to inner suburbs, such as those moving to urban inner-ring suburbs; and• Upgrades to existing buildings in inner suburbs that help maintain and enhance the community.

For more information about the Urban Rejuvenation and Urban Recovery (URRE) strategy, visit the Urban Health and Rehabilitation Plan.

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