How to save $20,000 on your car insurance coverage

In the early 2000s, when car insurance companies were starting to come under more scrutiny from Congress and the courts, many car companies offered consumers discounts on car insurance, usually to the tune of hundreds of dollars a year.

Today, the auto insurance industry spends billions on its own research and development efforts, with a combined total of $8 billion annually in marketing and advertising.

For most people, that’s a good deal.

But for those with health problems or other financial reasons, it can be difficult to afford car insurance.

For some, it’s as much as $50 a month, or more, depending on the condition of their car.

So what can you do to cut down on your auto insurance premium?


Shop around for the best auto insurance quotes.

If you’re a first-time buyer, be sure to check out the lowest-priced auto insurance available from the auto parts stores in your area.

Then, if you’re looking to renew your auto-insurance policy, shop around for quotes from other companies, especially for the same vehicle.

For example, if your car’s already underwritten by a big company, you might be able to get a cheaper quote from a competitor with a lower-priced policy.

If that company offers lower premiums or lower deductibles, it might be worth considering a lower monthly premium from your favorite auto insurer.


Check out your auto loan options.

Some car insurance products offer discounted rates if you apply for a mortgage with them, which is a good way to save money.

But most lenders offer high-interest loans for low-income borrowers.

Some lenders offer no-cost loans as well, which can help offset the cost of your auto policy.

Check with your lender to see what the rates might be for the most affordable auto loan, and whether you can apply for one yourself.

If your auto loans have high interest rates, it may be a good idea to consider a new loan, rather than buying a new car.


Get a new auto policy at the lowest possible rate.

You don’t want to pay a higher premium than you need to, especially if you have a high-cost health condition or are a first time buyer.

If there are auto insurance companies that offer discounts for those who have a higher income, that could help you save even more money.

For instance, if the company offers a lower rate on a new vehicle for $25,000, that can reduce the premium to $19,500.


Ask for a credit check.

If the car insurance company offers you a credit score, ask about it.

If it doesn’t, ask your lender for a copy.

The credit score is the number that a lender gives when you apply to borrow money.

If a credit report is available, you can see how the lender thinks you would fare on your credit report, and what percentage of credit scores they have.


Shop for auto repair or car insurance quotes online.

If possible, try to buy the cheapest auto repair you can.

If no auto insurance company is offering the best rates, check out car dealerships with good repair records and good reputations.

In some states, it will be cheaper to repair a car at a local dealership, which may save you money in the long run.

For other states, you’ll need to look for a dealership that’s in a nearby area.

Find a local dealer, or find a reputable repair service online.

Some of these websites include the best deals in their respective states.


Ask a friend for a free car insurance quote.

You can usually find a low-cost auto insurance quote from an insurance company’s website or through a friend or family member.

This may be the only way to pay the full price of your car for the rest of your life.


Ask your bank for a low interest loan.

Most banks will pay you interest on a low rate of 2 percent or less on a car loan, with no down payment.

But it’s possible to find lower interest loans from banks that offer lower down payments, and offer lower rates for those that do.

Ask the bank to loan you money to pay for your car or other personal expenses.


Find the best rate for your insurance.

The best rate is usually the one you’re paying for the whole term.

If all the insurance you’re purchasing is for the full term, you may want to look at auto insurance rates in the spring, when interest rates are low and rates are highest.

For a quick look at how many miles your car will drive over the next 10 years, or for an estimate of how much your insurance might cost, look at the car you’re buying, the year you bought it, and the year your insurance is due.

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