Plan to ‘fix’ Melbourne’s traffic jams

The federal government has unveiled a $100 million urban rejuvenation plan for the city, including the building of a pedestrian and cycling corridor that will help improve traffic flow, a $5 million plan to create more space for people to sit in public transport, and a $2 million plan for a new high-speed rail link between Melbourne and Sydney.

Key points:The plan will see Melbourne’s streets revitalised and more space available for pedestrians and cyclists to walk and cycleSource: Commonwealth Games and Victorian Games Organising Committee (CGWOC)The plan also includes the opening of a new $10 million public space for community gatheringsThe project is a partnership between the Commonwealth Games, the Victorian Games and Urban Renewal Projects.

The Commonwealth Games is a four-day event that will be held on May 26-28 in Melbourne, with the event’s official opening taking place at 3:00pm on the same day.

The Victorian Games is an international sporting competition held annually in Melbourne.

It attracts thousands of athletes and spectators from around the world.

“The CommonwealthGames is a significant event that has been hosted in Melbourne and that has a lot of impact in terms of tourism, it has a great reputation and it has the potential to be a significant economic driver for the region,” Victorian Games Commissioner Michael Dutton said.

“It has been the catalyst for this initiative to create a network of public spaces around Melbourne and around the country.”

The new pedestrian and cycle corridor will link the CBD with the CBD and provide new places for people and visitors to meet and relax.

The new space will also offer people the opportunity to sit and chat in a more natural environment, with benches and tables for people of all ages.

There will also be a small cafe on the street level, and some new restaurants and cafes.

The bike corridor will provide a quieter, more pedestrian-friendly route for cyclists to use, and will be built on the edges of busy streets such as Queen Street, King Street and Elizabeth Street.

It will also create a new park for children and families to sit or take in the sights and sounds of Melbourne.

The $5m plan will build on the $5.2 million that the Victorian Government has already committed to building a new pedestrian-only pedestrian and bicycle path along the CBD’s southern edge, and to create four new places to sit.

The other $2m is being spent to create new public spaces for people who can’t travel to the city by car.

The project will see a new building being built at Victoria Street, in the CBD, which will provide an urban rejuvenated environment and create new places that are designed to make Melbourne more accessible for pedestrians.

There are plans to build a new public space to help the public engage in public events and to facilitate more social interaction.

The plan is also looking to open a new street space at the intersection of Victoria Street and Queen Street in the City of Melbourne, in which public spaces will be set up that can accommodate large gatherings and socialising.

Topics:environment,city-and-territory,plan-and/or-expansion,government-and toowoomba-6160,vic,melbourne-3000,vicCommitment to improve public spaces to improve access to public spaces is a key part of the Government’s strategy for Melbourne.

“This is a massive public investment in the region, so it is critical that we deliver on that commitment,” Ms Dutton told ABC News Breakfast.

“As part of this investment we’re creating a network that connects the CBD to the rest of Victoria, which is a major part of our plan for improving public space in the city.”

She said the new pedestrian corridor and the new public places would help create new ways of life in the community.

“We want to give people the opportunities to be part of that, and we want to encourage more people to use public spaces,” she said.

The CGWOC has been working on the project since 2010, when it first looked at the idea of the urban rejuvenate program, and Ms Dickson said it was important to have a network in place to connect the community and provide public spaces that would encourage people to take up public transport.

“To have the opportunity for people that can’t walk or bike, or don’t have the capacity, to come and enjoy the new places, and the opportunity of having a community space to meet people that would otherwise be alone, it was very important to develop a network around the city,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

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