Why T.J. Miller is the perfect person to lead the Toronto Arts Centre project

On a sunny June day in T.U.C.’s urban orchard, T.j.

Miller leads the way, his blue eyes flashing with excitement.

“I love to talk to people,” he says, walking over to a woman with a clipboard and a stack of papers.

“But you know, I don’t think I’m a great communicator.

And I don.t like being the first one to speak.”

The woman, dressed in a white T-shirt, jeans and a hoodie, has just finished reading a script for a project about Toronto’s emerging art scene.

She has been working with a group of students who are looking to get their first real job and make a living.

“That’s what we’re trying to do here,” Miller says, handing the paper to the group, which includes students from the T.A.U., the Arts Centre, the Ryerson University School of Architecture and the Toronto Urban Design Centre.

The group is looking to buy a piece of the old Orchard Café, a former dairy shop that is now the home of the Urban Beauty Project.

Miller explains that the café was built in 1914 by a group called the Art Students Club, and the building is now home to an orchard.

“It’s been vacant for years,” Miller said.

“And so we’re looking for a piece to restore it.”

Miller says that his team is looking for people with experience in “art history, history of architecture, urban design, urban planning.”

“The key is, it’s going to be an architectural project,” he said.

The students are also looking to move to the city and build an urban orchards project.

The plan is for them to grow the project, build out the space, and hire an architect.

They’re looking to open the project in May 2019.

Miller says the project has been on the horizon for a while, and has been talked about by the city for months.

The project would be the first of its kind in the city.

The other two are the Orchard Cafe and a new urban park, and are part of the TAs efforts to expand the urban orchid park that is currently in its final stages.

It’s located in a residential neighbourhood, across from the old Ryerson campus.

It was designed by architect David Goguen, and was designed to be a space for people to come and share their ideas.

Miller said he was originally interested in working on the orchard because he liked the concept of having a garden where people could meet and hang out, but also a space where people can have their own space and have their ideas heard.

The idea came from the students, who wanted to create a space to share their own ideas and create a place for community to gather, he said, adding that it was a “very personal space.”

Miller also said that they had a lot of input from the people of the city, and it was important for them not to overstep their bounds.

“We’re not trying to be the big city guys,” he told the group.

“Just like a small city, we’re not going to go too far.

And we’re going to stay within the boundaries of what the zoning can handle.”

He said they’re also interested in making a space that is accessible to people with disabilities.

“You know, if somebody is disabled, then there’s a space, but if you’re just somebody that is just sitting in a chair, that is not going.

So we’re just trying to make it accessible.”

Miller said that the project is being funded with an online campaign that he created that allows anyone to share and learn about the project.

He said he hopes to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the project by the end of March, and that the campaign will be open to anyone in the community.

The Toronto Arts Center is the largest urban orchestrated art project in the country.

It is located at Yonge and Bay streets in the heart of the downtown core, and is a collaboration between the city of Toronto, the Toronto District School Board and the Ryson University School and the TAS.

The Art Students Union at Ryerson was founded in 1876, and now has approximately 1,000 members across the city who work in various roles in the arts.

The program is funded through a series of grants, including $3.5 million from the City of Toronto and $2.6 million from Ryerson.

Miller has been involved with orchard development in Toronto for a long time.

He says that the Orchid Café is a unique experience for the students.

“When I started working on it, there were only three or four of us,” he recalled.

“So it’s not something that we’ve been doing in the past, and when I started it was really hard, because it’s such a big project.

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