A look at the biggest urban projects in 2017

Cities are often the engines of growth and economic development, but the task of keeping them humming and thriving has been a long-running problem.

Cities face multiple challenges as they grow, from rising crime rates to a lack of public transit and infrastructure.

And while a new mayor’s focus on urban revitalization has put a spotlight on the problem, there’s still a long way to go to address some of the bigger problems.

Here’s a look at some of 2017’s most significant urban projects: In some ways, these projects are typical of a major urban renewal project.

They include a new park or playground, new schools, an office tower, an entertainment complex or retail mall, a hotel, a convention center or stadium.

The big question remains: Why?

What’s at stake?

The question is at the heart of the debate surrounding the new Mayor’s Blueprint for Prosperity.

The Blueprint aims to revamp the city to improve its economic prospects.

The city has grown and changed over the past few decades, with the number of residents now increasing from a few thousand in 1992 to nearly six million today.

That includes the growth of the city’s population and the city government’s budget.

But it’s not just about the size of the population: It’s also about the number and quality of jobs in the city.

In the first phase of the Blueprint, the city aims to boost its gross domestic product (GDP) per capita to $100,000 by 2026.

That’s an ambitious goal, especially given the fact that the city is only one-quarter the size it was in 2012, according to the latest census data.

If the Blueprint were to become law, it would set a new benchmark for the kind of growth that would be required for the city in order to keep its economy humming and create more jobs.

And if the Blueprint is implemented, the number one priority for the new mayor would be the revitalization of the core urban core.

The blueprint proposes spending $4 billion to improve the core city, including $1 billion for the downtown area and another $2 billion for parks and other amenities.

That’s a lot of money for a city of only one million residents, but it also reflects a shift in priorities.

For years, the focus has been on the outer city, where there’s more of a need for public transit.

The new mayor, in contrast, wants to focus on the core.

That would make the biggest changes possible, but also leave the city vulnerable to economic and environmental shocks that might otherwise be avoided.

But the Blueprint does have one major drawback: it will not include a set of policies that would help the city adapt to the pressures of a changing economy and changing population.

For one thing, it doesn’t provide any specific money to support job creation, or to boost the size and density of the labor force.

The goal is to keep the core growing by creating jobs, but to do that, the blueprint suggests spending billions of dollars in local tax dollars to attract and retain workers and businesses.

In addition, it proposes using money from a new levy on real estate to build and maintain housing, but there’s no mention of that at all.

The plan also does not include any funding for projects that could boost the city and its economies through innovation and new technology.

It’s also unclear whether the Blueprint would include measures that would provide a financial incentive for city residents to invest in their neighborhoods and make them healthier.

While the Blueprint focuses on urban renewal, it also offers some help to the city that doesn’t necessarily follow the same guidelines.

For example, the Blueprint also includes $4.5 billion to boost public transit, but does not offer any money for new stations or bus rapid transit.

And there are also some key differences between the Blueprint and the Mayor’s plan.

The Mayor’s proposal calls for creating a $1.5 trillion fund that would make up the bulk of the $4 trillion needed to rebuild the core and the downtown.

But the Blueprint says the fund should only be used to fund transit projects.

The mayor’s plan says the funds should be used for parks, parks and recreation, while the Blueprint said they should be spent on “enhancing existing transit systems.”

What does the Blueprint say about the future?

This isn’t the first time the Blueprint has come under fire from urban planners and advocates.

The budget was originally proposed in the mid-2000s and was eventually scaled back by then-Mayor Ed Lee in order for it to focus more on the economic growth in the downtown, according the Blueprint website.

Lee also pushed for a much larger, $15 billion urban development levy to be passed in 2021.

But that plan was scrapped after voters rejected it in 2004.

That vote, along with other measures that pushed up property taxes, led to a property tax freeze in 2005 and another property tax hike in 2006, which led to property taxes rising even more than before. Even

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