How to get a city to move fast on urban video project

Urban deca project cities can use video to make their streets safer and more attractive.

But the process is complicated.

Now that a project in Atlanta is underway, the city has to decide how to get people to the site.

The Atlanta city council on Tuesday approved a $10 million contract with the city of Atlanta for a video project that will be part of a plan to improve pedestrian safety in the city.

The project will also be used to improve the city’s reputation as a “city of walkers.”

The project is being funded through a partnership between the city and Atlanta’s National Urban Partnership, which provides technical assistance, training and funding.

The plan includes a video surveillance system that will monitor pedestrians as they move through downtown.

In addition to tracking their speed, the system will be used as a deterrent.

The project will include a video system that monitors pedestrians as They walk in downtown Atlanta.

In part, it will also monitor their speed.

The video system will also allow pedestrians to report suspicious activity.

The system will allow pedestrians who feel unsafe to report their situation to a trained supervisor.

“We’re going to see a lot more of this happening downtown,” said David Schuessler, director of Atlanta’s NUP, during a Tuesday meeting.

“It’s going to become part of the fabric of our city.”

Atlanta has been experiencing a rise in violent crime, which has spurred a citywide push to get more people out of their homes.

In recent years, the area has become a hub for businesses, schools and restaurants.

But some residents have said they want to see more police and fire personnel on the streets.

And the city, like many large metropolitan areas, has struggled with the effects of the opioid crisis, which is also affecting the citywide crime rate.

Schuessler said the video surveillance program will help ensure the safety of people walking the streets and will help the city make a better reputation for itself.

The program will be funded through the city citywide NUP.

The city will receive 50 percent of the cost of the project, with the rest coming from a state grant program.

The state will cover the remainder.

The city has been working on a similar project in Philadelphia, but has had mixed success with that effort.

The Philadelphia City Council voted last year to fund $3 million to pay for a series of video surveillance cameras that will eventually be installed in the neighborhood.

The Philadelphia city council voted last May to fund a $5 million project to build a video-monitoring system in the district.

A few weeks later, the Philadelphia Police Department and the city council approved a deal to build the project in partnership with a company that will install the system.

The $3.8 million project is still under construction, but city officials said they expect to complete it by the end of the year.

The video surveillance video in Philadelphia is expected to be installed by the beginning of the next fiscal year.

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