New Mexico’s COVID-19 numbers plummet, but new survey finds some optimism ahead of pandemic

A new statewide poll released Thursday finds that a significant majority of New Mexicans believe the state’s COIDS epidemic has subsided.

But that optimism has been tempered by concerns that a high rate of new cases is continuing to push New Mexicans out of the state, and by the fact that only a few new infections are reported each day.

Overall, 64 percent of New Mexico voters believe the epidemic has been “sustained” over the past six months, while 37 percent say the situation has “minimized.”

That means only 25 percent of respondents think the current outbreak has subsumed the last six months of steady increases in COIDS cases, while 44 percent say it has not.

The poll also finds that 63 percent of the respondents believe the COIDS pandemic is now “contained,” while only 25 do not.

That means, in other words, that the public has a lot of confidence that the state will be able to contain COIDS outbreaks, and that the new numbers will continue to be positive.

But while New Mexico is not expected to see a large spike in COIDs cases until later this month, that optimism appears to be wavering slightly.

Overall levels of COIDS infections are still far higher than they were before the pandemic.

A large majority of respondents said they have never seen COIDS in their lives, up from just 32 percent who said that in February.

That is still higher than the rate in most states and territories, and far more than the 18 percent who answered in March.

The survey also finds strong support for a more active approach to controlling COIDS, with 77 percent saying the state is moving in the right direction and 18 percent saying it’s not.

That sentiment is somewhat less pronounced than the support for the government’s approach, but it remains far higher.

Just 36 percent of voters say they have “somewhat confidence” in the state to take on the challenge of COIDs, and only 27 percent have “a great deal” of confidence.

That means that more than a third of respondents do not have “the confidence” to take that on.

The new poll also shows a dramatic increase in the number of people who are still taking anti-COIDS medications.

At a high level, about half of the adults surveyed said they take anti-coids medications, but this has increased significantly since March.

More than half of respondents now said they do, and a majority of them (53 percent) have not stopped taking the medications.

There are also signs that the government may be gaining some traction with the public on the role of the media.

Nearly a third (31 percent) of respondents say they use the media to get information about COIDS prevention, while 36 percent say they do so because it is important to the public.

And 42 percent of those who say they are using the media also say they feel more informed about the COVID pandemic, while 28 percent feel more so.

There’s also some indication that the federal government is gaining traction with some voters on the issue.

A majority of voters surveyed say the federal response to the pandemics has been effective, with 56 percent saying they believe the government has been helpful.

Only 22 percent say this about the state.

That’s down from 42 percent who say this in March and a similar share in May.

The poll comes as a new survey by the New Mexico Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) finds that more people have joined the public health community since the pandemaker started in May, with more than 4,000 people joining the network of health professionals, advocates, scientists, and community leaders who are involved in the response to COIDS.CIR President and CEO Brian Mascaro said in a press release that the news of the new poll was a “big surprise” given the media’s coverage of the pandemate and the ongoing state of the outbreak.CIRO also found that the majority of people surveyed have confidence in the ability of the federal and state governments to “address COIDS.”

While only a third say they believe they have a “great deal” or “a good deal” confidence in that ability, nearly four in 10 of respondents also say that they have confidence that their elected officials will be responsive to their requests for assistance.

A majority of the public, as well as the vast majority of Democrats, believe that the governor’s office is handling the COID response.

And most respondents, regardless of party, believe the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been taking an active role in the COIDs response.

This is a very important poll.

It’s a new day in New Mexico.

I’m glad that the people have responded to it, and I think that they want their elected leaders to take responsibility for responding to the needs of New Mexican citizens.

And that’s what I think they should be doing, because this is a serious public health problem that needs a lot more federal, state, tribal

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