People are freaking out over the fact that they have to convert an area of rural Portugal into a urban project

Urban conversion projects are popping up all over Portugal, and a recent trend is the use of old, abandoned buildings.

The projects often use the old town as the new site, while the developers aim to create a new urban village with a mix of commercial, industrial, residential, and public spaces.

It’s a relatively new phenomenon, but it has already spread.

The urban conversion project is one of the more recent urban development projects, and it’s been in use for years.

The Urban Conversion Project: The Beginning of the End?

Urban conversion is an urban development project where the buildings are demolished and the old urban core is replaced with new buildings, often in new buildings that are less than ideal.

A typical urban conversion involves building an extension of a previously existing building, and converting the old to a new building.

This process can be done in a few different ways, and the result is often a massive transformation.

Urban conversion can be divided into two different types:1.

Old buildings converted to new buildings2.

Modern buildings converted into old buildingsThe most obvious type of urban conversion is the conversion of an existing building into a new one, and many old buildings are used as the site of the new project.

Old and unused buildings can be converted to provide space for commercial or residential developments.

For example, a building could be converted into a commercial space, a warehouse, or a parking lot.

The idea is that the new development will bring jobs to the old building, while also improving the community.

A more subtle type of conversion involves using the old buildings to create new housing.

A similar concept is to convert a derelict building into an apartment building.

These buildings often have a mix and match of commercial and residential areas.

A residential development could have apartments or small office spaces.

The aim is to create something of a mixed-use neighborhood, similar to the urban development of old city cores.

However, this process requires the demolition of a lot of buildings, which could take several years.

This type of project can also require a lot more time to complete than an old building conversion.

The end result can be a massive, complex project.

The most common type of new development is a mixed residential and commercial development, where the area is converted into an upscale shopping district.

A common problem with this type of development is that it’s often a lot smaller than the old one, making it difficult to redevelop the site.

For this reason, a lot will be demolished to make way for new apartments or commercial spaces, or for the conversion to a smaller area.

In this case, it’s sometimes necessary to build a new city within the old.

One way to do this is to use an existing city as the location for a new development.

The problem is that many old neighborhoods in old cities are already in use, and there are no new commercial or retail spaces.

This can create a difficult situation for the developers.

The city is now too large and the area too small, creating an unnecessary burden on the old neighborhoods.

A second solution is to transform a lot into a single, large residential complex.

The project is similar to a mixed commercial and industrial development, but the old city is already a large commercial area, and this can be transformed into a residential area, a mixed industrial and commercial area.

Another common problem is the loss of residential property, and redevelopment of old commercial districts into apartment areas or residential buildings.

In these cases, the new residential area or building can be the site for new commercial activity.

The new urban development can also involve the demolition or conversion of old buildings, and often the former is used to create the new building, with the demolition taking place in the former building.

The old buildings can often be demolished or converted into new buildings as well.

The goal of these projects is to improve the existing community.

For example, in the city of Algarve, Portugal, the government has demolished the old Municipal Buildings, and replaced them with a new Municipal Development Authority.

The new Municipal development authority is being built by the government to bring jobs and jobs jobs to new neighborhoods, while maintaining the city’s historical character.

The Algarvados plan to turn the old Civic Center into a shopping district, a mall, and apartments.

The construction is expected to be completed by 2020.

The redevelopment of the Civic Center is expected, with plans to build several hundred apartments, commercial space and a shopping mall.

This new urban redevelopment will include a new neighborhood, a new commercial district, and housing.

The Government is not only investing in this project, it has also partnered with a local company, Vila.

In this case the development is being done by a private company.

The second major urban development is the redevelopment of a vacant site, often a former industrial site, and transformed into housing.

This is usually done by combining a lot with a few commercial

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