The ‘doxology’ of Tampa Urban Project

By Laura DeGroot and Laura O’BrienToronto Urban Project’s ‘Urban Doxology Project’ has created a digital-based platform for residents and citizens to share their experiences of urban planning and urban development and to share information about their neighborhoods and urban cores.

It is an ambitious project and one that could have a significant impact on how cities, towns and cities-in-waiting design and construct their urban spaces.

But the ‘dooxology’ project was conceived with the help of local architects and urban planners in the United States and around the world to help guide citizens in understanding how their city and communities are built, designed and managed.

“We want to bring that to the next level, and we think this will be the next step in that direction,” said J.T. Smith, founder and CEO of The Architects Group, which is designing and building the project with a focus on designing cities to benefit the people and communities they are meant to serve.

The project was launched by the Urban Institute of Canada (UIC) in September 2015 to provide an innovative tool for citizens to make informed decisions about their city.

The idea behind the Doxoology project is to bring people together and share their personal experiences of what’s going on around them, said Jodie Dolan, a UIC professor and the project’s lead author.

It’s an ambitious concept, said Smith, who said he’s “thrilled” with the idea.

“It’s the sort of thing that’s very much in the public consciousness right now,” said Smith.

It’s for everyone.””

This is not something that’s just for people who are in the know about it.

It’s for everyone.”

To help build the platform, the architects and city planners collaborated with local architectural firms and community-based organizations.

The project was built with the support of the Canadian Institute of Architects (CIAs) and the Canadian Centre for Urban Research (CCUR).

The first step was to select the first participants in the DoXoology Project, which are a panel of about 50 citizens and 30 residents who were invited to participate.

“What we’re trying to do is to create a forum for the public to come together and be able share their thoughts and experiences and see how they see their city,” said Dolan.

The DoXoSopoology panel consisted of a mix of the most active residents of the city.

They are asked to share ideas, ideas that are unique to their city, ideas for improvements, suggestions for the design and construction of their city or even recommendations for how they can get involved in planning.

The panel’s primary focus is on the design of cities to be designed to benefit citizens and their communities.

It also provides a platform to present the findings of its members and to provide feedback.

“They’re all invited to share a little bit of their personal stories of how they’re living their lives and the ways that they’re working and the way they’re impacting their city in a positive way,” said John Mowatt, the project lead.

Mowatt said the Do xoology group is an example of a citizen-driven, community-driven project.

“These are really smart people,” said Mowat.

“They’re trying very hard to make sure that they don’t miss a single day in their life, and they’re all sharing that with the community.”

“The best way to do that is to be open to sharing,” said Dan Brown, the city of Toronto’s director of planning and development.

“If you don’t share, you’re not sharing anything.

We are open to that.

And we want everyone to have a say in what’s happening and what they’re contributing to the overall development of the community in the city.”

The Doxosopoologist panel is now gathering feedback and will release its report in late October.

Smith said he hopes the project will serve as a model for the city and its residents, so that people can share their ideas and experiences about how their cities are designed.

“One of the really interesting things about this project is that it’s been really, really well received by the people who have been on it,” said Brown.

This is a great way for us to help people to have an open and honest dialogue about how they live their lives,” said DeGroots. “

The more we hear from the people, the more we understand and appreciate the different ways that our cities are being built and how they are impacting our lives and our communities.”

“This is a great way for us to help people to have an open and honest dialogue about how they live their lives,” said DeGroots.

“So that’s what we’re really excited about, because I think it’s a great conversation starter.”

“We wanted to create this space where we could give back to our city, to our communities and to the public and be transparent and open

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