The interior of Berlin’s new Urban Art Projects

The exterior of the new Urban Design Studio is being designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as the interior.

Photo: Urban Design Projects via InstagramThe architects behind the project are Urban Art Project, which is based in the heart of Berlin.

The project will include three spaces: one in the old city, a private studio that will be the home of the architect, and a second that will act as a gallery.

This first studio will have a “public space” with a view of the cityscape, while the second will be a “private gallery” with “the views of the old downtown” and “a view of a terrace of the nearby park”.

“The intention is to create a space of the future that can serve as a focal point for the design process and the public space for the artist,” Urban Art Program’s project manager Christian Neidig said.

“A central element is a large window in the back that is a window that can open out into the street.

A second window opens up into a private gallery, which can be open to the public.”

Mr NeidIG said the design had been developed in collaboration with the architects of Urban Art Studio.

“This is not just a design for the studio.

We wanted to create something that was very intimate and inviting, so that it was more accessible to everyone,” he said.

The team has been working on the project since early March, and Mr Neidigs said it was a unique opportunity to work with a group of architects and designers.

“The building is a unique location for an urban design project,” he added.

“It’s not a building of the building itself, it’s a building on a site with a history and a history of building projects.”

Mr Niedig said the project had been a great opportunity for the architects to meet and learn about each other.

“We started by talking about what we would like to see in a design and the people who will be involved in it,” he told ABC News.

“Then we looked at what the public would like and we decided to do something that could be a little more public, and this is a space where the public can come in and see the design.”

They can actually get a good look at the architecture.

“The project is expected to be finished in the summer of 2019.

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