What you need to know about the urban bee initiative, B17 project, and other initiatives to fight climate change

Urbana, Ill., March 7, 2019: Urban bee projects are taking place all over the world.

They aim to change the lives of people by giving them the knowledge, skills, and energy to grow plants.

Nowhere is this more important than in the U.S., where beekeeping is on the decline and millions of people are losing their ability to make a living as beekeepers.

To help them, Chicago-based startup Urban Bee is partnering with the University of Illinois at Urbanas, the University and Purdue University to create an Urban Bee Science Lab and a Bee Conservation Initiative.

In partnership with the UIU, Urban Bee will help develop a program to support beekeepers across the country, including in Illinois.

The lab will be located in the Purdue University College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALAS), which has a dedicated Bee Science Laboratory.

The partnership with CALAS comes as CALas’ beekeeper programs, the Chicago Beekeepers Cooperative (CBWC), are in the midst of a major beekeeping revival.

As a result of this resurgence, CBWC is seeking funding for a new program that would help farmers in Illinois build and run beekeepers’ facilities.

The project, called Urban Bee, will allow farmers to apply for funding through the Urban Bee Conservation Fund.

Urban Bee’s project will offer farmers the ability to hire bees to help grow plants that will help their communities sustain their local beekeeping operations.

The Bee Conservation Index (BCI), a tool that helps farmers measure their beekeeping efforts, will be included in Urban Bee.

CBWC’s Bee Conservation Program will work with Urban Bee to establish a database for farmers to compare their success with their neighbors.

This data will be used by Urban Bee and CBWC to make decisions about where to invest in additional resources, said Caryl Pomerantz, COO of Urban Bee in a press release.

The BCI is a national, peer-reviewed survey of beekeepers, which is administered by the Cooperative Extension Service of the University at Urbs.

The index is published every two years by the University Extension Service and can be accessed on its website.

The survey asks farmers about the impact of their operations on their local environment, the impact their operations have had on the local environment overall, and their perceptions about their beekeepers and beekeeping facilities.

A recent poll by the Beekeepers Alliance, a beekeepers association, found that only 17 percent of U.K. beekeepers support the Urban-Bee Initiative, with more than a quarter of the respondents in the United States saying they are opposed.

This is a big change for U.A.s beekeeping community, said Dr. Michael Lomax, an entomologist and the chief science officer of the B.S.E.L.S./U.S.’s Center for Pollinator Health.

“For decades beekeepers have been saying that the UU would save the world by reducing our dependence on pesticides,” Lomat said.

“But now, people are seeing that we have to take a big step back to get to a sustainable beekeeping future.”

The U.R.S.-based Bee Conservation Foundation has already worked with the Urban Bees project and will be providing $2 million in seed funding to the BCA, according to Lomats statement.

Urban Bees also announced it will be building a beekeeping incubator in Illinois, which will provide education, training, and support for beekeepers in the state.

Urban bee operations will also have access to beekeeping equipment and training.

Urban bees have been working on this initiative since 2014, when the Urban Conservation Foundation and the Urban Cooperative Association of North America (UCNA) launched Urban Bee Initiative (UBI) to support U.

As beekeeping.

UCNA and UCA were founded in 2011 as an international network of beekeeping associations that promotes the conservation and use of honeybees, as well as other beneficial insects.

UCna, which was founded in 2003, is an umbrella organization for over 200 U. As beekeeping organizations, which include U.C. Berkeley, UC Davis, and the University’s School of Agriculture.

The Urban Bee initiative is an extension of UCA’s Urban Bee Program, which has been active in promoting and promoting beekeeping programs and activities in the region.

UrbanBee has made major strides toward getting beekeeping companies to invest more in their own facilities, but many are still reluctant to make that investment, said Lomata.

“It’s very important for them to get involved,” he said.

The UUA has partnered with Urban Bees to launch the Urban bee Conservation Initiative, which also will include beekeepers who are already in the program and are eligible for funding from the Urban Conservancy Fund.

The goal is to give beekeepers the tools and knowledge to build beekeeping plants that are resilient to climate change.

“Urban bee conservation is a good example of how

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