Why the new Urban Beehive is so important for the future of urban life

An urban beehiving project is going to be built in Vancouver, B.C., next year.

But what do you need to know about the project?


It’s a city-wide project.

Two years ago, the city’s chief planner, Mike de Jong, said he wanted to create a citywide beehives project to be used in conjunction with the citywide plan.

The plan is called the Metro Vancouver Community Beehives Initiative.

The goal is to make it easier to get a hive out of the city by making it easier for city staff to get access to a hive and help people locate their bees.


It will cost $40 million.

It won’t be the first time the city has tried to make urban beech colonies more affordable.

The city spent $25 million in 2017 to install a public beehived, and then spent another $25-million in 2018 to get another public hive installed.

But this project is being built at a time when many of the most expensive hive sites in the country are in the U.S. and China, so it’s a new project in Vancouver.

The project will be the largest of its kind in the world.

It also includes a project that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the costs associated with those emissions.


The bees will be made of “natural materials” and will be able to withstand temperatures up to 5,000 degrees Celsius.

That’s one reason why the project is so big: Because the beehivers will be used to grow a new type of tree.

And unlike many of these types of tree projects, which are often built by traditional tree companies, the bees will all be made from a combination of wood and natural materials.

The new project will produce around 300,000 beehivives each year.

In addition to the bees, the project will include a bee farm and a beekeeping operation that will provide services to the community.


The hive will be in the basement of a building and the public will be invited to come inside to watch the hive being built.

The main entrance will be under a glass dome.

In the first phase, it will be open to the public from 4 p.m. to 6 p.o.m., and at other times it will open to a limited number of people.

The second phase is expected to open from 1 a.m to 5 a..m.; in the third and fourth phases, it is expected that the public can enter from 5 a,m. and 5 p.

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