Dallas’ $10.4B economic impact plan predicts $1.3B urban economic impact

Dallas is a city that’s always been a big part of the American dream, but its recent economic boom is giving the city a national profile.

In the last year, Dallas has added nearly $1 billion in economic impact to the local economy.

But the economic impact is even bigger than that.

Dallas is one of the biggest metro areas in the country, but in terms of economic impact, it’s one of its poorest.

The city’s economic impact can be measured in many ways, but one of those measures is jobs.

The Dallas metro area is home to over 1.3 million people.

While many of them work for corporations, they also work for nonprofits, the elderly, the disabled, and students.

The economy of Dallas has grown so big and complex that Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is now talking about a plan to create a citywide workforce of 300,000 workers.

That’s a lot of people working for one city.

The economic impact of Dallas is so big that Dallas is now getting national attention for its plans to boost the local workforce.

It’s not only because of the massive amounts of jobs that the city produces, but because the growth is also a major source of revenue for the city.

For example, last year the city received $1,973 million in revenue from the city’s property taxes, which are a significant source of funding for the Dallas public schools.

So, what’s happening in Dallas to the economy of the city?

According to the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Dallas was the fourth-largest city in the United States for jobs in 2015, with a total of nearly 6.7 million jobs.

It is also one of America’s fastest-growing metro areas, with the population growing by a stunning 11.5 percent over the past decade.

Dallas also ranks among the nation’s top 10 metro areas for the number of people employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What does the economic growth of Dallas mean for the local population?

According the American Planning Association, Dallas is seeing the highest growth in employment growth among major metropolitan areas.

That is to say, Dallas will soon see more jobs per capita than the next 10 largest metro areas combined.

Dallas, with an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent, is among the top 10 for the most people who are working.

That means that, on average, Dallas’ population is working for the equivalent of a full-time worker every two weeks.

The number of jobs in Dallas is also growing.

In 2016, Dallas saw an increase of 627,000 jobs, an increase that was greater than the national average of 534,000.

That was a 4.9 percent increase in jobs over the year.

That rate of job growth has increased dramatically in recent years.

It also means that Dallas has the largest population in the metro area, as well as the largest workforce, according the Dallas County Council.

That workforce is also seeing a large increase in salaries and benefits.

In addition to its growth, Dallas also has a growing number of high-paying jobs.

According to an analysis by the American Association of University Women, Dallas had the largest number of bachelor’s degrees awarded per capita in the nation.

That number of degrees in 2016 was nearly 5,400.

Dallas had about 1,700,000 residents, a number that is on pace to surpass the city of New York City.

The largest number and highest level of the population in Texas is also in the Dallas area.

According the Census Bureau, Dallas ranks as the nation “least densely populated,” with just over 3.5 million residents.

It has the fifth-highest median income per capita and the fourth highest rate of population growth.

Dallas ranks third in the number and percentage of people who have a college degree, behind only San Antonio and Austin.

It ranks fourth in the percentage of residents who have college-level credentials.

It was also number one in the percent of people in the workforce with a college-related credential.

The top three cities in the state with the highest share of the workforce having a bachelor’s degree were Austin, Texas, and Dallas, Texas.

According Dallas Chamber President and CEO Rob McCollum, Dallas “is one of our largest industries, but it’s also one that’s in need of a lot more people to fill it.”

The Dallas Chamber recently launched a program called “Dallas at Work,” which is designed to help the city recruit, train, and retain qualified people.

The program is designed for those who are interested in getting a job or entering a career in Dallas.

McColluMollu, who has worked in the field of economic development for 30 years, is the founder of Dallas at Work.

McCollsum said the program aims to give those interested in Dallas an opportunity to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them in the city, including the city itself.

The organization

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