The Ocean Parkway: A waterfront urban project to revive the waterfront

Seaside City, Calif.

— A waterfront project to revitalize the waterfront in Oakland is nearing completion, and it’s about to be the catalyst for a whole new wave of revitalization of the waterfront.

Oakland’s waterfront has been in decline for decades, and the city and county are working to find a way to restore the waterfront as a destination for people to spend time and enjoy the beach.

With the city’s Coastal Restoration Master Plan and the City of Oakland’s waterfront revitalization master plan, the city is planning to bring back waterfront life to the waterfront by improving access to the area and connecting the waterfront to the city.

The plan calls for a network of protected beaches and water features, and a new bayfront park along the Oakland waterfront.

A number of the city-funded projects are expected to include waterfront parks and beachfront parks, and more parkland.

The plan calls on the city to fund a $25 million public-private partnership to develop a beachfront park.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has said that the project is a way for Oakland to reconnect with its waterfront.

Schaaf said the city was working on a master plan that would revitalize and connect the waterfront with the city, and she said it was important for Oaklanders to be able to walk and bike and to have opportunities to enjoy the area.

She also said it is critical that Oakland is able to revitalise the waterfront and bring back people to the region, and that’s why the plan is a critical part of the plan.

Schaaf said it’s been a difficult process to get a plan like this through.

She said the project, which was funded by a $15 million grant from the National Park Service, will include a series of projects that will create the waterfront park and waterfront parkway.

The waterfront park will include two beaches, a harbor, and other recreational opportunities, and will connect to the Oakland Marina District, Schaaf added.

“Oakland will be able not only to enjoy its waterfront, but also create new opportunities for the community to do so,” Schaaf told reporters at a press conference Thursday.

“Oakland is an amazing place to live, and we’re very excited about this project.

It will be an amazing piece of real estate to help us make that happen.”

Oakland has a lot of history and heritage in the bay area.

The city’s original city hall is located in the Oakland Bay Harbor, which has been used for more than 100 years to hold meetings for many of the people who live in the Bay Area.

Oaklands waterfront is a natural wonderland, with more than 2 million acres of pristine water, and its historic waterfront is known for its great diversity of recreational and historic sites.

The bay is a popular destination for families and visitors to enjoy, and Schaaf praised the work of the Oakland Parks Foundation to preserve the area for future generations.

“Oaklanders can see what it is like to live here and breathe the fresh air, the sunlight, the green water, the people and the natural beauty,” she said.

For more information on the plan, visit

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