Which cities in Washington state are most likely to get a new urban canid program?

As the US prepares to announce the official start of the federal Canid Canine Initiative in 2019, the first canid adoption in the US is likely to come from Seattle.

In January, the city’s City Council voted to create a new project in the Canid-influenced neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, University City, and Westlake Village, with the goal of creating up to 200 new Canid canines.

It is not the first time Seattle has taken the lead in creating Canid programs.

In 2008, the City Council of the US city of Seattle adopted a pilot program to train and train new Canids, with a final goal of 50% of the new dogs to be Canid, according to The Seattle Times.

In a 2009 video, Mayor Mike McGinn said he was inspired to create the program because he wanted to make sure that Seattleites who live in the city, who are also active Canid owners, had a sense of “what we need to be doing”.

The program, however, has been criticized for being too intensive and not taking into account the social needs of new breeders and adopters, according the Seattle Times article.

The city has also been criticized by the National Canine Research Council, who called the program’s focus on Canid education “inappropriate”.

It’s hoped the Cani Canine program will provide a better understanding of the social and economic needs of dogs, the paper added.

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