Why you should consider the most underrated projects in the city

By now you probably know that the city of London is home to some of the most ambitious urban plans in the world, and a couple of years ago, the city announced a $1.3bn (£0.7bn) plan to remake the city’s waterfront.

And you might be aware that this project was not only ambitious but also controversial, as a major plank of the regeneration plan was to build the “world’s tallest skyscraper”.

The plan was also criticised by environmentalists who felt it was a form of urban pollution, as well as by some of London’s wealthy residents who were concerned that the project would put their properties at risk.

In any case, this project, which will take the form of the World Trade Center’s former terminal, was scrapped after a long-running legal battle with developers.

It was also reported that some of its developers had been banned from bidding on projects to build in the UK due to concerns about how the project could affect their own land rights.

But now, some of those concerns have been largely put to rest by the fact that the developers behind the project have been awarded a £7.7m grant to help finance their work.

And as we look at some of our favourite projects in London, we’re keen to hear from you about what you thought was one of the citys most overlooked projects.

The Tower of London The first of these projects is the £7bn World Trade Centre Tower of Britain, designed by Frank Gehry.

This tower will house the tallest building in the entire UK, and will be the tallest in the European Union.

But while it will certainly be a huge structure, its main attraction will be its iconic design, which is reminiscent of the design of the Tower of Babel.

We think that this tower will be a massive landmark, as it will be one of only two in the Western world to have a fully-fenced, open plan, which allows it to be seen from all angles.

As well as this, the tower will also have a public park, a pedestrian hub, and an indoor water park.

There’s also the fact it will house a number of other buildings, including a hotel, office space, and retail.

A tower of such scale and prominence is rare, but the city has some great landmarks that are less well known.

The City of London also has a number notable landmarks that have been forgotten by the public, including the City Hall.

Crowds will gather in front of the City of Westminster, the Royal Mint, and other landmarks to watch the fireworks and the Royal Wedding.

But the City’s other landmark is probably the Royal Opera House, which opened in 1889.

Built in the shape of a clock, it was one the first public buildings built in the modern era, and was originally the home of the Royal College of Music.

Today, it houses the Royal British Legion, the London School of Economics, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and is home of an opera house and a gallery.

In recent years, it has also been home to a number large public events, including an exhibition of the works of William Blake.

Another landmark that will be missing is the Royal Observatory, the world’s largest astronomical observatory.

To see the full list of London landmarks that were lost to the City, click here.

The Tower of the Dam The next project in this list is a £2bn tower that will house an outdoor cinema, theatre, restaurant, and exhibition space.

While this is certainly one of Londons most exciting architectural projects, it is also one that is largely overlooked by many of the community that are used to watching the city go by on screens.

That is, until the tower is completed.

When it is complete, the building will become the tallest tower in Europe, with the top section measuring 848 metres (2,076 feet) and the bottom section measuring 384 metres (1,621 feet).

The tower is scheduled to open in 2019, and it is hoped that this will help to boost tourism to London, and in turn, bring more people into the city.

For the first time in its history, the Tower will be able to display a range of media, including cinema screens, interactive displays, and interactive theatre.

And although it will not be the biggest building in London right now, it will undoubtedly be one to watch in the future.

Top Image Credit: James Martin/Getty Images

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