This is what urban water looks like on the ground, says Urban Water founder Dan Deacon

A new urban water system that aims to reverse some of the worst water pollution problems plaguing the cities of New York, Chicago, and Seattle could bring the country’s water supply back to healthier levels by reducing demand for bottled water and providing a source of fresh, clean drinking water to millions of Americans.

The Urban Water project is part of a larger effort to restore the planet’s ecosystems to a state that’s more sustainable than it has been in decades, thanks to billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions from agriculture, energy, and the transportation sector.

In the process, the project is hoping to reduce water demand by as much as 75 percent in the cities that have made the biggest investments in clean energy.

“The idea behind this project is to use renewable energy, especially in urban areas, to clean up the water and make the planet more water-rich,” said Dan Deacons, the founder of Urban Water.

Deacon, a climate scientist at the University of California at Berkeley, says that the goal is to have water in the soil as much and at the same rate as it is in the atmosphere, so that the planet can absorb the carbon dioxide and water from the atmosphere.

“We’re going to see water that is actually more like it was in the past,” Deacon told IGN.

The goal is for the city of New Orleans, for instance, to have one third of its water supply coming from recycled water from underground aquifers.

The rest of the city’s water comes from groundwater pumped from aquiferees and pumped out by wells.

“You can’t do it in a vacuum,” Deacons said.

“You have to do something that’s connected to a lot of other things in the system.”

Deacon said the goal for the Urban Water is to reverse the damage that comes from the growing use of fossil fuels and the growth of cities in general.

“We’ve got to get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in the next 100 years, which is the most ambitious goal I think we have,” he said.

Deacons says that his goal is “a billion barrels of water per year by 2030, or by 2050.”

The plan, which was funded by a $50 million grant from the US Department of Energy, aims to be sustainable in two ways: by reducing energy use and reducing demand.

To accomplish this, the company is aiming to reduce the amount of energy used to move water from city to city and from river to river, using energy-efficient technologies such as solar panels and reverse osmosis.

Deacons team is also working on a water-saving technology called “smart water.”

The company hopes to make water from a plant in Los Angeles a source that can supply a city’s needs.

“People are already using it,” Deacans said.

The technology will allow cities to reduce demand for water and, thus, help reduce water consumption.

The project has already made it through the permitting process and is expected to be ready for the start of operations in 2019.

Deecons hopes to have the first batch of urban water systems up and running by 2020.

“It’s a very exciting time,” Deans said of the process.

“It’s very exciting for the planet.

But most importantly it’s exciting for people.”

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