Which is the worst-looking football club?

1/3 – A club with a large budget and a very large fanbase.

They are unlikely to get any supporters to show up.2/3- A club who are struggling to attract new fans and who are losing the fans who join them.

This is usually because they are building a stadium outside of town and have a lot of issues with it.3/3A club who have a large fan base but do not play in a club stadium.

If they are a new club then they are likely to be in the relegation zone.

The most popular stadiums are:The most expensive stadiums are the ones that are not owned by a team but are owned by an owner (like Anderlecht or Ajax).

These are generally smaller than the stadiums in the main cities and therefore cheaper.

The stadiums with the most expensive seating are usually stadiums owned by wealthy people who pay huge sums to own them.

The most expensive seats are usually reserved for the richest club owners.

They may be in town, or at a nearby stadium, but most often they are at the stadium that the owner has chosen.

The cheapest seats are always reserved for local supporters.

The cheapest stadiums are usually empty, and the cheapest seats in town.

The lowest stadiums are in smaller towns or in smaller cities.

The smallest stadiums are those where the majority of the supporters are either locals or tourists.

The lowest seating is usually in the ground floor of the stadium.

The average number of fans in a stadium is often around 50 or 60.

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