Which urban issues are you most worried about in 2020?

The urban nature project will focus on “urban issues in urban areas,” as part of a larger effort to combat climate change and improve public safety.

Urban issues is an initiative led by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the New York-based environmental advocacy group that’s spearheading the project.

The NRDC says it will be focused on urban areas, including infrastructure, air quality, and water.

The environmental group’s executive director, Kevin T. Flynn, said in a statement that the goal is to “provide a framework for addressing the urban nature and urban health challenges that are at the core of the challenge we face.”

The project’s website says that it’s the “first step in an ambitious, multi-year project to better understand urban health in New York City.”

Flynn said the goal of the project is to help cities address urban issues, such as public health, pollution, and traffic.

“The New York state Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is committed to addressing these issues by establishing and implementing the state’s first comprehensive and comprehensive urban health and air quality standards,” Flynn wrote.

“To do this, the EPA will need to develop a coordinated plan to address all of the most pressing issues that face New York and its surrounding communities.”

Flynn did not specify which cities the NRDC wants to partner with.

In an email, Flynn said that the NRDA and NRDC have been collaborating on the project for years and that the group is pleased to have the support of the state government.

“Our focus on cities is important because cities have a direct impact on our quality of life,” Flynn said.

“We believe this will be a great example of the type of collaborative research we do to help us better understand what’s happening in our cities.”

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