Why does the Art Gallery of Ireland want to create a new urban art project?

A new art gallery in Dublin’s historic inner city is hoping to help revitalise the city, by bringing together the talents of artists from around the world.

Dublin’s Art Gallery and Museum (AGM) has been looking at creating a new art project in its Dublin district since early 2017.

The new venture, called the ‘Dirty Birds’, aims to be a place for the city’s artists to collaborate and collaborate with a community.AGM Director of Design, Claire McGarry, said the idea came to her in January 2017.

“The idea of bringing together artists from the different disciplines was born,” Ms McGarry said.

“I was talking to a local artist and he had just come from Italy and I said, ‘Let’s have a look’.”

We were immediately blown away by the quality of the work that was being produced.

“There was this strong sense of community that we were able to realise.”

The project has been approved by Dublin City Council, with a planning application due to be published in the coming weeks.

“We wanted to make sure that the idea of this new art piece, was not only about the art, but also about what the city has to offer,” Ms Maughan said.

The idea behind the project is to create an urban gallery, where art and other works are produced together.

“It’s a very specific sort of thing, but it is really the idea that we are putting together an exhibition space, that can offer an opportunity for people from different disciplines to come together and work together,” Ms Dálghaigh said.

A mural in the courtyard of the new art space.

The first exhibition, The Dirty Birds, is scheduled to open at the AGM in late October, but the first exhibition in early 2018 will include work by local artists.

Art gallery owner and co-founder, Clare McGarry.

“What we are trying to do is make the most of the space that is in the Art District of Dublin, which is very much a place where the artists live, and that we also have the potential to see some of the most interesting work that’s coming out of Ireland,” Ms Naughan added.

“So we want to make a place that’s more inviting for people to come and come and see the work of our artists, as well as our galleries.”

That’s really what we’re aiming to do.

“And the artists that we will have are some of Ireland’s best.”

The new exhibition will also feature the works of local artists, who will be able to showcase their own work, along with those from around Europe.

The project will be open to all ages, but will also be open for children and the disabled.

A full list of artists is yet to be decided.

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